The Greenway Carousel




11 AM TO 8 PM


Single Ride______$4

Group Rate (for groups of 10 or more)______$3

Greenway Carousel Coloring Book ______$15

About The Greenway Carousel

The Greenway Carousel is located at the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove on The Greenway in the heart of downtown Boston. Kids will love to take a spring on this historic carousel!
The characters of this carousel are hand-carved and inspired by the air, sea, and land animals of Boston Harbor. Students from around Boston drew carousel characters they wanted to ride and this is the wonderful result!
Kids will get to sit on the mythical Sea Serpent Gondola or fly on the wings of a Peregrine Falcon when they visit The Greenway Carousel!
The Greenway Carousel has a unique and super important feature: it is wheelchair accessible and is the most ADA-compliant carousel in the region. This makes it possible for people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities to join in the fun!

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