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Boda Borg




Monday 5pm to 10pm

Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 10pm

Holiday Mondays 10am to 10pm

June 16 and June 17 3pm to 10pm


Two hours: $24 per person Four hours: $36 per person

About Boda Borg

Boda Borg is all about Questing, the newest kind of escape room! Each Quest is a series of two or five challenges that you and your team of 3-5 people will try to conquer. You can win a TV game show, explore a haunted house, break out from prison, and more! Participants will have to use their bodies and brain in unusual ways to find the clues they need to succeed!
The Malden location is the only Boda Borg’s United States location, and it features 10 different escape rooms! You will need to use all your physical and mental strength to get out!

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