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About Powers Music School

At Powers Music School, everyone, from beginners to advanced musicians, can find a program that fits their needs, thanks to the wide range of offerings and dedicated, experienced instructors. The school personalizes teaching to suit each student’s unique abilities and aspirations, ensuring that everyone can achieve their musical goals.

During music class, children, together with a caregiver, engage in singing, dancing, and interactive activities in a welcoming and judgment-free environment. This early exposure to music paves the way for further exploration through Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a program that encourages children to create music, improvise, and understand musical symbols and notation.

For children with a keen interest in singing, the Singing for Kids program is a perfect fit, designed to nurture their vocal talents in a supportive setting. Meanwhile, Piano Powers for Kids caters to those drawn to the piano or keyboard, offering a dynamic learning experience through familiar songs that build confidence in their musical abilities.

For families familiar with or interested in the Suzuki method, the Suzuki Musical Kids class provides an excellent introduction to string instruments like violin, viola, or cello, along with the opportunity to join a community of like-minded parents and eventually progress to private lessons.

Powers Music School is committed to making music accessible and enjoyable for children, helping them forge deep and lasting connections with music

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