Kids of all ages will find dinosaurs endlessly fascinating.
In Boston, there are many dinosaur-related destinations where families can spend an entertaining day learning about and admiring these intriguing creatures from Earth’s past – even though they’ve been gone for millions of years, but who somehow continue to stay ever-present—and constantly astonish us.

Where: 26 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02143, USA
Hours: Daily, 9 AM- 5 PM

When you visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History, head to the Romer Hall of Vertebrate Paleontology.

This exhibition showcases the evolutionary history of vertebrates, including spectacularly preserved fishes, dinosaurs, and diminutive early mammals. Highlights include the world’s only mounted Kronosaurus, a 42-foot-long prehistoric marine reptile, one of the first Triceratops skulls ever discovered, and a huge Pteranodon, a fish-catching flying reptile from the Cretaceous period.

Where: 308 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210, USA

Dinos in Space will provide an environment full of inspiring, imaginative stimuli and creative hands-on activities. 

The exhibit offers visitors an imaginary universe that joins the wonder of dinosaurs with the fascination of outer space. Fantastical and playful installations, murals, and displays inspire children and adults to experiment with their own creative expression!

Where: 1 Science Park, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA
Hours: Daily, 9 AM- 5 PM

The MOS permanent exhibit, Dinosaurs: Modeling the Mesozoic, allows visitors to learn how paleontologists continue to compile evidence and change the way we view extinct animals through fossils and life-size models.

In addition to models, explore fossil clues — such as bones, footprints, and even dinosaur dung! Compare the bones of a bird, an iguana, and a dinosaur, and see how at least one branch of dinosaurs is more closely related to birds than we ever imagined.

Where: 1 Science Park, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA
Hours: Daily, 9 AM- 5 PM

Another great permanent exhibit at the Museum of Science! 

Visitors will get an up-close view of this 65-million-year-old fossil, discovered in the Dakota Badlands in 2004. Named for the grandfather of its anonymous donor, Cliff is one of only four nearly complete Triceratops on public display anywhere in the world!

Dino Safari Boston: A Walk-Thru Adventure

Where: Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 4 S Market St, Boston, MA 02109

Grab a Jurassic passport and feel the thrill of standing next to +20 giant moving dinosaurs on a walk-through expedition for the whole family.

Along the journey, earthquakes might erupt, dinosaurs could battle, and your family might just have to help save a baby dinosaur’s life! Make sure to check the dates as they change throughout the year.

Where: 177 Main Street, Acton, MA, US
Hours: Monday: closed | Tuesday – Sunday: 9 AM- 4:30 PM

Bessie is the Discovery Museum’s dinosaur mascot who graces the front lawn.

You can sit on Bessie and lay on her tail. Occasionally, kids can even give her a bath! Be sure to notice if she is wearing one of her many fun hats when you visit.